Elements: Fire S02

Explore Western Australia through the natural elements of water, earth, fire, and wind.

Please Look Up

What's in the night sky this month?

Elements: Water S01

Explore Western Australia through the natural elements of water, earth, fire, and wind.

How do you interview a plant?

How did Rose Kerr become the beloved host of the Particle Podcast?

Is Youtube a Science Career?

What does Dance Moms have to do with organic chemistry? We're not sure- but luckily, Michael Messineo has the answers.

Who’s the Doctor For Doctors?

Ever wondered what it takes to be a doctor? This week we catch up with Jodilee Tangarorang, a Rural Clinical School student living her dream.

Summer Shorts: Where Are They Now?

This week, Rose catches up with Particle Podcast guests from episodes gone by.

Summer Shorts: What happens when a fire starts to burn?

Our native plants are in hot water. Well, they would like to be. Today we are joined by Ryan Tangney who tells us all about plant responses to fire.

Summer Shorts: Can You Record A Podcast Underwater?

This podcast episode is proudly brought to you UNDERWATER.

Can You Taxidermy a Human?

For the grand finale of season 3 of the Particle Podcast, we are joined by preparator Francis "Chuckie" Raven who works in taxidermy. He stopped by to chat about the role of taxidermy in conservation, and how working with death has changed his outlook on life.

Will Maths Save Us All?

We totally expect Max Anderson Loake to be a sports star on cereal box, a Nobel Prize winner or Prime Minister one day. Today, he's on the Particle Podcast telling us how data can be used to tackle natural disasters.

What Would You Pay For a Dolphin?

How do you put a price on frolicking dolphins? How much will people pay for clean air? And is converting it all into dollars and cents an insult to science? Environmental economist Abbie Rogers answers all our questions on this week's Particle Podcast.

Who Wears the Genes in This Ecosystem?

Robyn Shaw joins the Particle Podcast to tell us how DNA can help save our native species.

What’s Under the Trap Door?

Spiders! Love them or hate them, they're pretty darn cool. Trapdoor spider expert Dr Leanda Mason joined the Particle Podcast to explain why spiders deserve some attention.

What Dirt Can You Dig Up From the Past?

This week Emilie Dotte-Sarout digs up some stories of the people left out of science history.

How Do You Catch A Fireball?

Is it a bird? Is it a mini moon? No! It's a fireball! Patrick Shober joins us today to chat about the environment of space.

Do Sea Cows Eat Seagrass?

Mat Vanderklift joins the Particle Podcast to chat to us about his science journey and how he's ended up working in "blue carbon".

Do Bees Bee-have?

Today we chat to Jessica Moran all about her PhD research - diseases in bees. We also discuss everything wrong with the bee movie.

How Do You Listen to Nature?

In today's episode, we asked Noongar Ranger Elisha Jacobs-Smith about connection to the land. We chatted about how he worked towards his dream career, going from hairdresser to protector of the environment.

Are Gibbons the Best Swingers?

The Particle Podcast is off to the zoo! Join us as we chat to zookeeper Holly Thompson about playing matchmaker for gibbons. We also talked about zoo management, designing habitat and weird animal encounters.

How Do You Make a Hangover Free Beer?

This week the Particle Podcast heads to the pub. Listen to hear brewer Brody Watts answer all our burning beer-science questions.

Would You Lick a Mars Rock?

Remember when we asked Liam if he licked Earth rocks? Welcome to the sequel where we ask geologist and researcher Ravi Patel if he would lick a Mars rock. Stick around for this week's episode for so much more - Ravi stopped by to talk about chasing meteorites, Mars volcanoes and mental health.

What Makes a Scientist?

What even IS a scientist? How can we make sure all kids are getting the same chance to dream of being a scientist? These are some of the questions Corey Tutt answers as he joins us on the pod this week. He's the founder of Deadly Science, the NSW 2020 Young Australian of the Year AND an Indigenous STEM star. Corey stopped by to talk about his science journey and all the strange skills he has learnt along the way.

Are You a Sea Slug Or a Sea Snail?

This week the Particle Podcast heads to the deep sea. Our guide is molecular marine biologist Dr Nerida Wilson. She joins the podcast to chat about her love of sea slugs.

Is a Virus Pretty?

Brady Johnston uses complex scientific arts and crafts to visualise stuff that's too small for us to see. He joined the Particle Podcast to talk about long nights in the lab, art vs. science and what it's like to work with DNA.

Who Can Name A Cyclone?

So... How's the weather? Today on the Particle Podcast we take the topic of weather from small talk to big talk. Forecaster Jim Richardson joins us to chat about naming cyclones and his favourite equations.

How Can Gaming Make Your Brain Bigger?

Been gaming during iso? Turns out you're not the only one. And, it might be the secret to being smarter. This week on the Particle Podcast, STEM journalist and the coolest geek ever Rae Johnston stops by. She had a chat about gaming, how to speak science and what STEM even is.

How Do You Engineer Your Way Into The Circus?

Ever thought about running away with the circus? Christian did it to pursue his dreams of working in sound. This week our Particle Podcast guest is Christian Peterson, sound technician and world traveller. He stopped by to chat about his favourite sounds, how to put microphones on acrobats, and the science of sound.

Are Sharks Just Misunderstood?

Sharks. They're big, scary and chompy. Right? Or are they just misunderstood?? Today, to celebrate World Oceans Day, Charlotte Birkmanis joins the Particle Podcast. She's a shark scientist who loves to chat. We talked about rebranding sharks and the weird creatures living deep in our seas.

Do People Like Med Students?

Ever read a book as a child and had it influence your entire future? Kahli Fraser decided to become a doctor at the age of 12 and is one short year away from achieving that dream. Join us on the Particle Podcast as she discusses burn out, travel, and medical firsts.

Why Become a Teacher?

Ehsan credits his teachers for inspiring his studies, and now his students are being inspired by him. Today's Particle Podcast guest is Ehsan Warasi, teaching and engineering student. We had a chat about his journey to Australia as a refugee, misconceptions he's faced, and his love of learning.

Which Lizards Are Dragons?

She's a lizard chasing PhD candidate who's ventured the outback in 40 degree heat, battling isolation and flash flooding, all for conservation. And today, she joins us on the Particle Podcast. Sophie Cross has a chat with us about learning to love reptiles and cheeky lizard behaviour.

Could A Person Fall in Love With An AI?

Lonely in iso? Could AI be your next best friend? PhD student Jordan Vice joins us this week to chat about the ethics of artificial intelligence, building robots, and achieving your dreams.

What makes WA’s environment special?

It's highly recommended to listen to this week's episode whilst out on your daily walk. Try and take a break from your regular street and venture out to a new green space. Maybe hug a tree.

How do you make science funny?

We say opposites attract, but can you really combine science with comedy? In today's episode,science comedian Robyn Perkins joins us to chat about art, science, and brain chemistry.

What do rocks taste like?

Ready for some time travel? Today we dig deep with Liam Olden to talk about dinosaurs, fossils and megafauna. Plus, we answer the age-old question: which is the best flavour of rock?

How Do You Hide a Dead Body?

Been binge watching crime shows? If not, you might be inspired to start after today's episode. This week, we're talking about forensic chemistry with Georgina Sauzier.

Do Carnivorous Plants Poo?

Ever heard of the very hungry caterpillar? Well, it may have been defeated by some very hungry plants. In today's episode, Laura Skates has a chat about the unknown world of carnivorous plants.

Particle Podcast: A sneak peek at 2020

We've been hard at work on a brand new podcast format for 2020 - stay tuned for the first one later this month!