Summer Shorts: Can You Record A Podcast Underwater?

For the first episode of Summer Shorts- our short science of summer season- we are recording the Particle Podcast underwater. 8 metres underwater.

Take a cheeky listen to hear us talk all things marine life with Sophie Teede, marine biologist at the Busselton Underwater Observatory. We ask her plenty of weird and wonderful questions: Where do fish sleep? How do you clean windows underwater? And why is coral colourful?

You can find the Busselton Underwater Observatory on Facebook or Instagram.

Particle Podcast is about science and the people who just love it. It’s produced and presented by Rose Kerr (@rosie.zkerr). Particle is powered by Scitech, and you can send your octopus conspiriacy theories to @ParticleWA on Twitter and Instagram.

Video credit: Video filmed by Marlo Rae. Editing by Rose Kerr and Rockwell McGellin. Filmed at the Busselton Underwater Observatory.
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