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What Is A Particle?

What Is A Particle?

with Ben McAlllister

What Is A Particle?

If you’re going to name your podcast ‘Particle’, it’s probably a good idea to start by figuring out what a particle actually is – so that’s exactly what we did!

For our first episode, we’re chatting with Dr Ben McAllister, from the ARC Centre For Excellence in Engineered Quantum Systems at UWA (EQuS is fine for short). Ben works with particle detectors, and spends his time in a basement under the physics building looking for dark matter. We talked about making a Fringe show, what makes physics so cool, and what it’s like to research the one of the biggest mysteries in the universe.

The Particle Podcast is hosted by Rose Kerr (@rosie.zkerr) and you can find more of Ben at @drbtmcallister on Twitter and @CurioNetwork on Instagram.


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