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Is Youtube a Science Career?

Is Youtube a Science Career?

With Michael Messineo

Is Youtube a Science Career?

What do Dance Moms and organic chemistry have to do with each other? We’re not sure- but luckily, Michael Messineo has the answers.

Today’s Particle Podcast is a fun one. Rose catches up with Mike’s Mic – YouTuber and engineer. They talk about data, lasers, reality TV, Youtube drama, NASA and what all those things have in common.

You can find Mike on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and on his podcast.

Particle Podcast is about science and the people who just love it. It’s produced and presented by Rose Kerr (@rosie.zkerr). Particle is powered by Scitech, and you can tell us your superhero name @ParticleWA on Twitter and Instagram.

Video|Video filmed and podcast recorded at RAWR Chai by Rockwell McGellin and Michael Gatt.
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