Kanyana wildlife volunteers: Saving our species

We travelled to Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre to discover the diligent efforts being made by volunteers to rehabilitate the local wildlife population.
Leigh Coward
Leigh Coward
Multimedia producer

A visit to Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre reveals the extraordinary efforts by volunteers in receiving, healing and facilitating the release of thousands of Western Australian animals each year.

The Kanyana wildlife hospital, powered by the collective energy of over 300 volunteers, is an incredible display of the community’s dedication to animal welfare and environmental awareness. The hospital is open every day of the year and accepts any sick, injured, orphaned, or displaced wildlife.

Want to get involved? Find out more here.



Leigh Coward
About the author
Leigh Coward
Leigh Coward is a passionate filmmaker and writer, as well as being Scitech's in-house Multimedia Producer. His love for science stems from his drive towards 'sparking curiosity' others and in himself!
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Leigh Coward is a passionate filmmaker and writer, as well as being Scitech's in-house Multimedia Producer. His love for science stems from his drive towards 'sparking curiosity' others and in himself!
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