National Science Week highlights and events

With hundreds of events across WA, have you found your science this August?
National Science Week highlights and events

It’s August, which means, all around Australia, people will be celebrating science and technology.

That’s because August is the month of National Science Week—an annual celebration featuring more than 1000 events around Australia.

National Science Week is for people of all ages, interests and backgrounds. It’s a chance for everyone to find the science in their everyday lives.

From the Particle team

Particle loves to inspire and spark curiosity in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, known simply as STEM. So this month, as part of National Science Week, we are running the theme of ‘science across Australia’.

We’ll be looking at the research that impacts all Australians—from national food security, Aussie astronomy, youth mental health, the future of our drinking water, competitive robotics, chatbots and everything in between.

So watch this space throughout August.

Join the celebrations

So how can you get involved in all the STEM celebrations?

There are heaps of events you can attend in every state and city, but here are a few of the highlights of National Science Week that you can take part in.

Citizen science—fun for the whole country

The Great Australian Biodiversity Online Challenge is great for anyone who loves nature.

All you need to do is download the QuestaGame app and start your adventure.

The app lets you record all the wild plants and animals you come across in August. Your sightings are scored based on rarity, location and season.

There are prizes for the winning team, overall champion and champion identifier. There’s even a prize for the best photo of an iconic Australian species.

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QuestaGame app lets you record wild plants and animals you come across

QuestaGame app lets you record wild plants and animals you come across

If you’re more of a homebody, why not join the hunt for pests in your pantry? The Pantry Blitz is back to help protect our country against exotic pests.

Simply sign up to receive your free pantry trap and start reporting your findings.

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Sign up to receive a free pantry trap and report your findings with Pantry Blitz

Sign up to receive a free pantry trap and report your findings with Pantry Blitz

For any creative students out there, a film competition run by the ABC is definitely worth a look.

The ABC TV’s War on Waste has put the spotlight on some of Australia’s biggest waste problems. Now they’re looking for students to help solve them.

To enter, students under 18 just have to submit a 90-second filmed pitch. The pitch should explain the waste problem they’re tackling and how they’ll use STEAM thinking (science, technology, engineering, arts and maths) to solve it.

Perth events

Perth Science Festival: 12 and 13 August
Perth Exhibition and Convention Centre

Perth Science Festival is set to be the biggest event running during National Science Week in WA—and it’s free! With live shows, native animals and exciting hands-on experiences, there’s something for all ages.

Genomics and the science of Gattaca: 12 August
State Library of Western Australia, Perth

The sci-fi film Gattaca dealt with the controversial theme of gene editing. But with advances in technology like CRISPR-Cas9, gene editing is no longer constrained to the realm of science fiction. Enjoy a screening of the film followed by a discussion with expert commentators about how closely the film reflects real genetic science.

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Perth Science Festival is free with live shows, hands-on experiences and activities for the whole family

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Discover the world of chemistry at the ChemCentre Open Day

ChemCentre Open Day: 19 August
ChemCentre, Bentley

Enjoy a family day out while learning about the world of chemistry in WA. Discover what the ChemCentre is all about and how it uses science to protect the community—all while enjoying free fairy floss and liquid nitrogen ice cream!

Learning from Australia’s first scientists: 20 August
Wadjak Northside Aboriginal Community Centre, Balga

ECU is hosting a day full of fun activities combining traditional Aboriginal knowledge with contemporary science. Some of the activities include: boomerang throwing and the physics of flight, bush tucker and environmental sustainability, and Nyoongar tool making and chemistry.

Regional events

Great Southern Great Science Symposium: 11 August

Head to the Great Southern Great Science Symposium in Albany and learn about programs that drive excellent regional science endeavours.

Goodness Festival: 12 to 20 August

The Goodness Festival showcases and celebrates innovation and achievement to inspire positive local economies, protection of ecosystems and creation of a just, equitable and sustainable community. Featuring numerous free and tickets tours, films, seminars, workshops, open days and fun events in and around Geraldton.

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Goodness Festival in Geraldton includes multiple events, films, seminars and workshops

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Karlkurla Bushland Open Day in Kalgoorlie has guided walks and interactive digital elements

Karlkurla Bushland Park Open Day: 20 August

Join local youth and explore Karlkurla through their interactive videos and guided walks through the park with local scientists and indigenous elders.

Communication in Whale and Dolphin Societies: 30 August

Speaking whale is a little more complicated than Finding Nemo might have you believe, but you can learn all about dolphin and whale communication at this free event.


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