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21 MAY 2022

Astrophotography Getaway

Presented by Stargazers Club WA

Astrophotography Getaway

Ready for a dark sky weekend getaway? This special event is for nightscape/landscape astrophotographers who are just starting out or have experience. There will be help on hand for anyone who needs it and wide-open dark night skies for those with more experience.

With instructors on hand, you will learn all the basics including:

  • the right camera settings to take night time images
  • how to frame landscapes with the Milky Way above
  • how the night sky changes through the year and when the best times of the year are for astrophotography.

Bookings are essential!

4:00pm - 9:30pm

Astro Observatories WA dark skies site, Goldfields Road, Youndegin 6407

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