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The 10 Best Stargazing Places in WA

The 10 Best Stargazing Places in WA

When it comes to stargazing places in Western Australia, we are very lucky indeed! We have some of the best night skies in the world.

The 10 Best Stargazing Places in WA

Perth is still the most isolated capital city in the world which means you don’t have to travel far to find the best stargazing places.

Here are “Galaxy Girl’s” top 10 stargazing places:

1. WA’s Wheatbelt

1-2 hours drive from Perth means dark night stargazing is within easy reach of Perth. The night skies are filled with thousands of stars. On a moonless night, you can see the Milky Way Galaxy stretch across the night sky.

2. Lake Ballard in the Golden Outback

The stars over the Gormley sculptures on the lake bed will take your breath away. The stark contrast of the metal human figures stands out against the stillness of the landscape.

3. Wave Rock at Hyden

When you’re off the beaten track, you’ll have a big sky from horizon to horizon. On a dark night, you’ll gaze in awe at how many stars you can see. All you need is a comfortable chair to sit back in!

4. The Pinnacles, Nambung National Park Along the Indian Ocean Drive on the Coral Coast

If you’re a budding astrophotographer, you’ll take some interesting images. Under the moonlight, the shapes of the Pinnacles cast wonderful shadows.

5. Wooleen Station in the Murchison

An awe-inspiring place with views of the Milky Way Galaxy so close you feel like you could touch it. On a full Moon, it’s so light, you can almost read a book!

6. Roebuck Bay near Broome

The Staircase to the Moon appears each month from March to October. As the Moon rises, the reflection of its light on the tidal flats makes for a spectacular sight and a real stargazing treat.

7. Gingin

It’s not too far from Perth but just far enough away from bright city lights. Gingin is a charming town with a village atmosphere. The Gravity Discovery Centre Observatory is a short drive away. Here you can look through telescopes and find out more about the constellations.

8. Dryandra Country near Narrogin

There are some great camp and cabin sites that make ideal spots for seeing meteor showers or shooting stars. The Geminid Meteor Shower in mid-December each year is best seen in the early hours of the morning.

9. Albany and Esperance along the southern coast

If you’re lucky you may witness the Aurora Australis. It’s very rare in WA and usually only ever seen from the very south when it occurs.

10. Perth Hills

Here you have some protection from the glow of city lights. The volunteer guides at Perth Observatory run stargazing nights for public visitors where you can learn more about astronomy.

Do you want to know more about stargazing and astronomy in Western Australia? You might like to join Stargazers Club WA.

This article was originally published by Galaxy Girl, Carol Redford, on the Stargazers Club WA website.

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