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image|Particle WA POSTPONED: Particle Under The Stars
An indoor outdoor sci-fi experience
01 January 2020

POSTPONED: Particle Under The Stars

Presented by Particle & Scitech

POSTPONED: Particle Under The Stars

Particle’s Still going to the movies – just not right now!

Unfortunately, the maths says it’s safer for us not to have our movie nights in April, but we hope we can have you over once things calm down!

Particle Under The Stars will be back, we promise. Subscribe to our newsletter to find out when, and to get a little dose of WA science stories in your inbox to keep you occupied over the next few months.

When we do go go ahead, we’ll have a lovingly selected line-up of the best sci-fi movies showing on the full dome at Scitech’s Planetarium. Paired with a stellar live science show, this unique event is the perfect excuse to visit Perth’s only indoor outdoor cinema!


HER (MA 15+) – a gentle comedy about a withdrawn writer who falls in love with his computer’s highly advanced operating system.

GATTACA (M) – a futuristic vision where the rich and successful have taken to genetically engineering their children to create physical and mental perfection.

TOTAL RECALL (M) – a 21st-century construction worker discovers that his entire memory of the past derives from a chip implanted in his brain. Who is he really?

PRIMER (M) – the best of all the low budget sci-fi thrillers, for anyone who’s ever built something in their garage and wondered, ‘What happens if it actually works?’.


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Wednesday 01 January 2020
Until Thursday 31 December 2020

Scitech Planetarium, City West centre, Sutherland St, West Perth 6005


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