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image|Particle WA Particle Under The Stars
An indoor outdoor sci-fi experience
09 April 2020

Particle Under The Stars

Presented by Particle & Scitech

Particle Under The Stars

Particle’s going to the movies!

We’ve lovingly selected the best of sci-fi movies to show on the full dome at Scitech’s Planetarium. Paired with a stellar live science show, this unique event is the perfect excuse to visit Perth’s only indoor outdoor cinema!

Running over four weeks in April. 18+ event.

Thursday 9 April: screening HER (MA 15+) – a gentle comedy about a withdrawn writer who falls in love with his computer’s highly advanced operating system.

Thursday 16 April: screening GATTACA (M) – a futuristic vision where the rich and successful have taken to genetically engineering their children to create physical and mental perfection.

Thurs 23 April: screening the original TOTAL RECALL (M) – a 21st-century construction worker discovers that his entire memory of the past derives from a chip implanted in his brain. Who is he really?

Thurs 30 April: screening PRIMER (M) – the best of all the low budget sci-fi thrillers, for anyone who’s ever built something in their garage and wondered, ‘What happens if it actually works?’.


Thursday 09 April 2020
Until Thursday 30 April 2020
6:00pm - 9:30pm

Scitech Planetarium, City West centre, Sutherland St, West Perth 6005


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