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The importance of sleep during COVID19
16 June 2020

The importance of sleep during COVID19

Presented by Dr Ian Dunican. ECU

The importance of sleep during COVID19

In a time when social distancing, self-isolation and uncertainty has taken control of our daily lives, ECU’s researchers provide some comfort and practical advice on how to manage life through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Join Adjunct Associate Professor at Edith Cowan University Ian Dunican for a discussion on The importance of sleep and physical fitness to your mental health during COVID-19.

In this short, 30 minute webinar, they will discuss how sleep is essential for necessary physiological functions such as immunity, cognitive and physical performance. Over time optimising sleep can aid you in maintaining body mass, reducing the risk of diabetes, minimising the risk of cancers and cardiovascular disease. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to many of us experiencing disruptions to our regular routines. This includes how we work, home life, home-schooling, socialising, sport and many of our daily activities all while we manage the stress due to uncertainty about our health, economy and the future. In this webinar, you will explore ten key areas relating to sleep, mental health and physical performance that can support and aid you in managing your health during the COVID-19 restrictions.


You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions at the end of the presentation.

Webinars will be conducted live via Microsoft Teams and can be viewed from a web browser (Chrome, Firefox or Edge only) on your mobile device or desktop (Windows or Mac). You may be prompted to download the Microsoft Teams application if viewing from your mobile device.

Tuesday 16 June 2020

Online Webinar Via Teams

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