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Perth Observatory – Lunar Photography Workshop
09 November 2019

Perth Observatory – Lunar Photography Workshop

Presented by Perth Observatory

Perth Observatory – Lunar Photography Workshop

This promises to be a fun relaxed evening of photographing the Moon on some fantastic telescopes using your camera.

Following on from the Gas Giants astrophotogrpahy workshop in August this will be a similar format where we have multiple telescopes set up ready to have your camera connected. The group size of 20 people maximum means you will have plenty of time to photograph the Moon.

Using a combination of Astrophotography Australia telescope and equipment, and the Perth Observatory telescopes, we will have a wide range of focal lengths (magnifications) and types of telescopes available. You will be able to take photographs of the moon that feature the full disk, and photographs that are at much higher magnification.

Before heading to the telescopes we will have a one hour theory session where Roger Groom will take you through the process of photographing the Moon. We will talk about the equipment and software, and touch briefly on the image processing that you might do following the night.

At the time of booking please provide details of your camera brand and model so that we can appropriately cater for all guests. You are encouraged to bring your own camera T-ring adaptor if you have one, and also barlow lenses if you have those (using the equipment you have helps become more familiar with your own equipment). Please provide information at time of booking.

Saturday 09 November 2019
6:00pm - 10:00pm

Perth Observatory, Walnut Road, Bickley WA, Australia


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