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image|Destination Perth Monster Creature World
15 January 2021

Monster Creature World

Monster Creature World

A new exhibition, Monster Creature World, is making its first appearance in Perth, featuring the amazing behaviours and extreme characteristics of some of the earth’s most fascinating creatures – insects.

The exhibition blends technology, science, artistry, and imagination to capture the most unusual aspects of the insect world, and will feature various giant, moving, hissing, clicking insects and creatures from different parts of the world. Not only are these enormous animatronic insects such fun to examine up close, but we can also learn a lot about their importance in our ecosystem, extreme behaviours and the physical characteristics that allow bugs to thrive and survive.

School kids and families will experience a bug’s-eye view of their world, explore critter calls, and ride a bug train.

You are advised to purchase tickets in advance in order to avoid disappointments on the day!

Friday 15 January 2021
Until Sunday 24 January 2021
8:00am - 10:00pm

Claremont Showgrounds, 1 Graylands Rd, Claremont 6010

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