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image|Stargazers Club WA Dark Sky Stargazing Night
26 February 2022

Dark Sky Stargazing Night

Presented by Stargazers Club WA

Dark Sky Stargazing Night

Join Stargazers Club WA members for a night under the dark skies of Lower Chittering. This night is focused on making the most of your astronomy skills and telescope in a dark sky location.

It’s a perfect night for:

  • telescope owners who are wanting to get their telescopes out under a dark sky
  • experienced backyard astronomers who want to see faint deep-sky objects like nebulae, globular clusters and galaxies that can’t be seen from the city
  • members who have been using their telescopes for a while and want to enjoy a club night out under the stars.
Saturday 26 February 2022
7:00pm - 9:30pm

The Village Green, 23 Chittering Valley Road, Lower Chittering 6084

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