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image|Codemaster Institute Coding 101 – Free Web Dev Workshop
09 April 2019

Coding 101 – Free Web Dev Workshop

Presented by Codemaster Institute

Coding 101 – Free Web Dev Workshop

Some of the coolest and rewarding careers out there are all in web development and programming. So why not come and join us for a FREE Web Development workshop in Perth. It will be a hands-on face-to-face & step-by-step tutorial on coding essentials, with you working toward building your own page at the end of the day (Now that’s useful!).

Small groups of only 20 people – so be sure to book your seat!

Level: Beginner (No coding experience required)
Age: 13+
Bring your laptop!

Topics include:
– HTML Basics
– CSS Basics
– Cool Code and Courses
– Career Tips

Come and have some fun while you learn the coding basics.

Tuesday 09 April 2019
6:00pm - 8:00pm

Codemaster Institute HQ


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