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|A tiger enrichment for World Wildlife Day


A tiger enrichment for World Wildlife Day

The theme of 2018 World Wildlife Day is ‘big cats: predators under threat’.

Who doesn’t love a big cat? Lions, tigers, leopards, cheetahs—big cats are some of the most loved and admired animals in the world.

But that hasn’t kept them safe or protected from threats.

Some of the biggest challenges facing big cats across the globe are habitat loss and destruction, hunting and poaching for illegal trade (such as body parts for traditional medicine), loss of prey animals in the wild and conflicts with humans.

This year, World Wildlife Day hopes to spread the word of the plight of big cats, reaching as wide an audience as possible.

To help out, Particle decided to tell a story about a beloved big cat for World Wildlife Day.

That cat is Dumai, the Sumatran tiger at Perth Zoo. We had the chance to watch Dumai engage in some enrichment activities at the zoo and learn about life in the wild for tigers.

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