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|In the margins: let’s talk about waste


In the margins: let’s talk about waste

In the margins: let’s talk about waste

Have your say by 1 March, and shape the future of waste and recycling in WA.

In the margins: let’s talk about waste

An average Australian produces 2.2 tonnes of waste each year. That’s each person producing 25 times their body weight in trash—and that number is on the rise.

So where does all that waste go?

You might be surprised to know that, in 2015/16, only 36% of WA household waste was recycled. We’re one of the worst recycling states in Australia, with the ACT whooping our trashy butts at 75%. The WA waste avoidance and resource recovery paper shows what’s really happening with WA rubbish.

The Waste Authority, on behalf of the State Government, is reviewing WA’s waste strategy and looking to clean up our act. (We’re coming for you ACT.)

Best of all, they don’t want to do it alone. They want your input.

You can complete the online survey, make a written submission or attend one of the eight workshops around metro and regional WA to have your say.

Workshops are being held in Perth, Bunbury, Albany, Port Headland, Kalgoorlie Bounder and Geraldton between 1 and 20 February. Register now to save your seat.

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